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that works. >>brian: would you be talking to alisyn if she wasn't on television? >>alisyn: exactly. >>steve: you were talking about having a beaches brew pwao*u row and i was -- a beaches pwaou roerbgs and i was thinking i'm going to talk to her. >>alisyn: let's get to your headlines to tell you what else is making news at this hour. there are two brand-new developments to help police catch the person who murdered the head of colorado's prison system. 58-year-old tom clemens answered his door at his home and he was shot in cold blood. here's the first clue. witnesses noticed a suspicious car parked one street away from his home before the shooting. the second clue? a woman was seen exercising in the area at the time and police hope she maybe saw something and that she will come forward. >> she's been described as wearing light pants, a dark wind breaker and also a hat. again, this is not a person of interest concerning the crime but rather someone we think may have made observations that could be valuable to us. >>alisyn: the car which we're told had dash board lights on while parked is des
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2